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Thursday, May 31, 2018

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September 04TH 2018

It was cloudy with 60 % chance of rain which never materialized, except for a few drops which came in the late afternoon. That said it was a great day for flying as the winds were light to non existing ( 2 knots with gusts less than 5). 

July 11th 2018
Can't say we are a fan of this hot humid weather that we have been having lately, but today the air has finally broken and the winds are light. The turn out was light with only 3 members getting an early start; Tom, Alfie and myself. Tom put on quite a show with his 35 size helicopter; with loops, rolls and inverted flight. Alfie was there when I arrived with his trusty P-40 and an all new Top Flite giant Zero, which is adorned with no less than 17,000 simulated rivets defining the scale panel lines.

June 3rd 2018
Can't say we are a fan of 3 D flying but this demonstration is totally awesome.

January 10th 2018
Was a perfect day for watching Youtube videos.

We learned that people who fly wooden jets should resist the temptation to show off.

November 24th

Was a perfect Autumn day for a Winter building project.

Tell us about your Winter project ( so it can be shared here.
We started off with some repair work on the victim of our most dramatic crash of the past flying season. Later when we get back from down South, it will be time to do some work on a Pica WACO biplane that has been sitting around half finished for far too long.

A Show and Tell video on our latest repair work.

October 21 th

Was a perfect summer day in the Autumn, a day without a cloud in the sky and very little of wind.

Finally success  after it was grounded for more than a year due to a software screw up that set the maximum motor speed to 50 when the correct value should be 1000. I worked on finding a solution far too long, then Andre applied his technical skills during a marathon session one evening and voila, he came up with the magic key. Just one of the risks of  using web based services like Mission Planner to update your drone's parameters. Another lesson learned, if it is working leave it alone.

July 30th

Was a perfect summer day without a cloud in the sky and barely a breath of wind. A very good turnout of flyers and electrics seem to steal the show. Cal was there with a Mini Avanti  that flew and sounded so great that we all thought it was powered by a mini turbine. I want one!

July 23th

Was an overcast day 5/8 to 7/8 at 6000 feet , winds 040 True at 4 knots.  We met Mike at the top of the drive, he was just leaving after a successful session of electric flying.

After a couple of flights with my Electric Beaver we tried setting up the 120 size Zero.  The Enya 120 4C started instantly and ran smoothly without any need for  further adjustments.

 First time I used this setup structure and I must say that I am loving it.

Take off 
On downwind landing leg the Zero's luck suddenly ran out and she was last seen in a terminal vertical dive. 
A recce flight with the Beaver  failed to locate the wreckage but after inspecting the video we have a better idea of where she might be located.
 July 6th

We spent the day at the field and were surprised to find that the water has dried up nicely after all the rain that we have been having lately.

June 28th

We spent the day at the field mainly checking our equipment but did managed a takeoff with a light weight PT 20 with large balloon tires. The field was a little soggy in places and that was before 3 days of continuous rain.

March 21st

Canada Bans Drones??

I was just wondering what our members think about the latest rules (Laws) that our Transport Minister has come up with concerning the the use of RC flying in Canada?
Here is what others are saying:
From RC Forum
It appears that Canada has gone full retard. The new law, which applies to any drone (but worded so that it actually applies to ALL RC) that weighs more than 250 grams (so basically all of them but the cheapest toy grades) and bans: Flying within 9 km of any airport (so pretty much no flying in or around any city ever) Flying within 9 km of anyplace else a manned aircraft could theoretically land (which would include any empty field that a helicopter could fit in) Flying more than 90 meters high (no more flying over trees or hills) Flying within 75 meters of ANY structure, vehicle, vessel, person (including presumably yourself or your own home or vehicle) or ANIMAL ( and it makes no distinction what kind so it would include squirrels and birds) Flying more than 500 meters away At night In clouds, or anywhere they think you can't see it Over any forest fire, "emergency response scene (undefined)," or controlled airspace And you must put your entire name, address, and phone number on the drone So basically they have banned flying any RC aircraft wieghing more than 250 grams anywhere in Canada except at "approved fields." Hope you like high resolution footage of an empty field, because that is all you are allowed to get now if you fly in Canada.  

October 17th
Hank is also enjoying the beautiful weather, flying his big Norseman from the beach up on Georgian Bay. Sent this picture by our new Facebook drop-box. Anyone with a Facebook account can join; just send a request to us at Dunrobin RC Flyers Photo and Video Dropbox

October 7th

The beautiful weather never seems to end for me; it must be what they call "The Endless Summer".  The great flying with 20 C temperatures and 5 K winds gave me an unexpected opportunity to put a couple of old birds into the air that have been with me far too long (one for more than 50 years). I have been making changes to them over the years and just wanted to give them one more chance at flight.


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