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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Club Rules

Club Rules

  • Pilots must be a member in good standing of the Dunrobin R/C Flyers or a guest of a member to fly at the club field.
  • Pilots must be a MAAC member in good standing to fly at the club field.
  • Club members and their guests, when flying at the club field, must follow the MAAC safety code.
  • The club Frequency Board must be utilized prior to turning on a 72 MHz transmitter.
  • The Transmitter Impound must be utilized for all 72 MHz transmitters when they are not in use.
  • The word ‘aircraft’ is meant to include both airplanes and helicopters.
  • The number of aircraft flying at any one time is restricted to 4 but less is preferred. The use of spotters is recommended when multiple aircraft are flying.
  • The airspace over the pit, the parking area, the area over the golf course to the west of the field and the area over the golf course to the north of the field is considered a NO FLY ZONE.
  • The area above the runway is restricted to takeoff and landings only.
  • When more than one aircraft is flying, all takeoffs will be performed from the active runway in use. All flying will be performed in the area on the other side of the active runway in use. The other runway will only be used for an emergency landing when the active runway cannot safely be used.
  • When a safety issue is identified, the aircraft or aircrafts, as required, shall be landed without delay so that the issue can be safely discussed and the safety concern eliminated.
  • Rules are kept to a minimum, but are necessary to make our field a safe and enjoyable place to fly. Failure to abide by these simple rules may result in having one's membership revoked.
  • The exec asks that members respect the wishes of the property owner at the field entrance on Dunrobin Road and drive at a reduced speed through the residential area of the property.

Thank you for your cooperation,

the executive,

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