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Friday, May 9, 2014

Return Visit Statistics

Visits (over 12,000 hits at Dunrobin RC Flyer's Web Site) 

Since first publishing, the statistics for users visits to Dunrobin RC Flyers is available for viewing by using the link below.

The percentage of one time visits is indicative of how well we are doing (or not) with attracting revisits to our site.

They say that the best sites have the highest percentage of return visits.

Judging from these statistics and the lack of feedback from our viewers it seems clear that the club's web site is not doing very well with attracting any interest from the members. The great majority of visitors are first time viewers from all over the world who are attracted to the site by searches on topics featured in pages such as our users page. 

To view these statistics first hand: simply click on the link below and the page will open in new window.

Returning Visits (Dunrobin RC Flyers)

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